Capacity Assessment


Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat
Qualified and experienced management Lack of strong leadership approach from Director level to lead IDEA Peace and unity in the area Vested interest group at the community level
Credibility of the organization in the society Coordination with state holders from the Director level is very minimal Many NGOs and Govt. Dept to network with Anti social elements
Good will & networking with Govt. and NGOs lack of financial resources A receptive area & responsive people to work Corruption in the Govt. System
Presence of NGOs, Church and others Inability to communicate effectively due to multiplicity of language Progressive and ambitious people Hill geographical terrain
Clear Mission and Vision lack of publicity as Annual Magazine of IDEA’s works High regards for the Christian Missionaries Negative remarks about NGOs in the sight of the public
Option for right based approach of the organization lack of own resources Simplicity of the people Fund raising is a challenge in local context
large network support centres/institutions as extensions Lack of on field support due to poor road conditions Sense of identity of the people People’s resistance to adapt to situations
Contact with external professional groups for guidance Professional groups’ unwillingness to venture into interior villages People’s readiness in participating in various programs Stigmata of cultural taboo which pulls down the people