The Recollection for Fathers, Brothers and Sisters is to be held on 19th of July 2016


Aalo - Parish Priest : Fr. Philip Purayidathil MSFS
Aalo - Asst. PP : Fr. Roshan Kanjirathinkal MSFS
Bameng - Parish Priest : Fr. Ajay E
Banderdeewa - Asst. PP : Fr. Surendrakumar Kanher SVD
Basar - Parish Priest : Fr. Lukose Kavungal MSFS
Daporijo - Asst. PP : Fr.Shyjesh George Kuriedom SAC
Jollang; Don Bosco School - Rector: Fr. Jeremias SDB
Likabali - Asst.PP - Fr. Peter Pehausuiding MSFS
Nyapin – Asst. PP : Fr. Gabriel Darlong CSC
Pastoral Centre - Fr. Marius Mushahary (Secretary, Catechetical Commission)
Palizi - Parish Priest : Fr. Nilesh Kumar SJ
Sangram - Parish Priest : Fr. Thomas Lakra
Seppa - Parish Priest : Fr. Xavier Mushahary
Seppa - Asst. PP : Fr. Xavier Puthookara CMI
Yachuli - Parish Priest : Fr.Thomas Kureekkattil SAC
Yachuli - Asst. PP : Fr.Sebastian Thekkeyil SAC
Yinkiong - Asst. PP : Fr. Priyor Khongsit MSFS
Ziro - Fr. Jose Anchupankil CMF

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